SOFA Severe Injury Report June 2019

June 2019 is the latest month available for SIs as defined(1) by SOFA in its report, Severe Injuries to Train and Engine Service Employees: Data Description and Injury Characteristics (July 2001). Click here to see the full report: SOFASevereInjuriesJune2019 Find SOFA information and reports at [accessed August 27, 2019] 1 ‘Severe Injuries’ were defined … Read more

Trackmobile LLC and Rail Safe Announce a Partnership for Safety

Committed to Eliminating Avoidable Switching Yard Accidents LaGrange, GA: A new partnership highlights the New Year at Trackmobile. As a global manufacturer and industry leader responsible for “The Design, Manufacture, and Service of Machines for Moving Railcars and Locomotives”, this partnership demonstrates Trackmobile’s unparalleled commitment to safe rail operations through industry partnerships and elevates Trackmobile … Read more

Derailment in Falmouth, KY. Hazmat crews came to town as rumors spread of sulfuric acid leaks.

On August 10, 2016 the residents of Falmouth, KY had a frightening day when hazmat crews came to town and rumors spread of sulfuric acid leaks. Some of the cars came within 25 feet of residential homes. It turned out the four train cars containing sulfuric acid derailed, but didn’t spill the chemical. Instead, the train derailment only … Read more

IN THE NEWS: Who Should Have Priority?

WHO SHOULD HAVE PRIORITY? Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal:  Amtrak Trains Fight to Go First PHOTO: MEL EVANS/ASSOCIATED PRESS Our founder and principal understands the issues that come along with freight and passenger trains sharing the same track. He worked as an engineer for almost 40 years in passenger service (Amtrak), … Read more