As a child we learn from experience or being taught: we learn the oven is hot because we have touched it or were told it was hot by someone who had touched it. Common sense allows us to apply learned behavior to new situations, but not all new situations lend themselves to “common sense”. We … Read more

Safety Tip: Know the Facts

FACT: Incidents that occur within private industries, and do not involve hazardous material or do not involve injury, are not required to be reported to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). FACT: Documentation from two Class 1 railroads testify to the fact that approximately 20% of their reported incidents occur while they are operating within private … Read more

Stay Healthy in the Heat!

Have you seen OSHA’s campaign to prevent heat illness?  STAY HEALTHY IN THE HEAT A railroad worker was working in the yard on a hot sunny morning. Two hours later, he complained of feeling ill and vomited. He continued working. At 3:00 p.m., when he climbed down the ladder, he was confused and unsteady. He missed a step and … Read more

Are Your Rail Cars Secure?

Security is a good thing. You sleep better when things are secure. What I’m about to tell you may affect your sleep. It should. If your facility handles rail cars, it could be at risk for a catastrophic, cataclysmic event. Hazmat need not be involved: corn or beans (I’m a Midwestern boy, use your local … Read more

Crossing over Railcars

Crossing over Railcars Safety Tip: Place Hands and Feet Carefully Round the car carefully, using a sure grip. Remember: expect movement on any track, any time, in any direction. Note the position of the left foot and how it is slightly turned to utilize more surface area. Note the right foot placement and how the … Read more

Safety Tip: Switch Operation

If your facility has more than one track, you have at least one switch. A fairly simple device. The handle is interconnected with the points. When the handle is moved the points move, thereby aligning the switch from one track to the other. What could go wrong? The switch is the most vulnerable part of … Read more

Safety Tip: Proper Switch Operation

Switch Operation: Manually operated railroad track switches are an important part of your railroad and facility infrastructure and should not be operated by untrained personnel. Incorrect operation can lead to equipment damage, derailments, injuries and fatalities. One of the principals of Rail Safe Training was acquainted with a co-worker who was fatally injured when he … Read more