Safety Tip: Blue Flag Procedures

Adhere to Blue Flag protection rules to protect men working on or near on-track equipment. Blue Flag protection is designed to be much like lockout/tag-out procedures. Notification must be provided by the placing of a blue flag or light to notify those who might have access to the track to STAY OUT. Additionally, and this … Read more

Cardinal Rules Review

1. Getting On or Off Moving Equipment The practice of getting on or off moving equipment has been part of railroad operations for over 100 years.  So why should you not allow your employees to continue this practice? The rail industry allowed their employees to get on and off moving equipment even though several injuries … Read more

Safety Topic – Cardinal Safety Rules and Procedures

We at Rail Safe Training believe all rules and procedures we teach are important. There are however certain rules and procedures that, if not followed have predictable and dire outcomes.   Getting on or off moving equipment. Standing or walking foul of tracks. Proper distance around the end of standing equipment. (minimum of 25 feet) Separating equipment the … Read more