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Our courses teach the safest and best options for every rail yard scenario. We will help counsel your operations people to ensure they have an efficient service plan and have the knowledge to safely execute it.


The courses can be taken in any increment, anytime, anyplace the internet is available. Course progress can be monitored by an administrator, the material can be reviewed and a certificate of completion can be printed. Periodic quizzes within the courses keep learners focused.

Industrial Operations Training

This course is for individuals and companies that handle rail equipment. It contains all the information and instruction needed to work in a rail environment and perform duties without injury or damage to equipment and structures. It is packed with pictures and videos to help explain procedures leaving nothing to the imagination. The learner must pass quizzes with 100% accuracy before they can proceed further into the course.

We also offer on-site safety audits to maintain a safe work environment. Remember, TRAINING PREVENTS DISASTERS, so refresh your knowledge by taking the course every year!


  • 14 Core Lessons
  • Approximately five hours of material
  • Short quizzes throughout the course to assess and ensure understanding
  • Administrator access available to monitor student progress

Locomotive/Motive Power Operation

This course teaches how to start, operate and properly shutdown a locomotive. We also include how to properly control in-train forces (buff and draft) and how to prevent a jackknife or string line derailment. The proper use of the air brake system, reading gauges, and the use of the throttle are thoroughly described. How to start and stop on ascending and descending grades? It’s in there. Even if your company uses a Shuttle Wagon, Rail King or Track Mobile, many of the same principles and procedures apply.

$80 per learner

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Safety Awareness (Non-Operating)

This course was developed for the person who does not necessarily work with rail equipment but occasionally has to place themselves near tracks or equipment. If you have to cross tracks to get from one place in the plant to another, a maintenance worker, a truck driver, or an office worker who may need to walk close to tracks or equipment occasionally, this course will help keep you safe.

$135 per learner

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Hazardous Material Tank Car Loading/Unloading

This course is designed to ensure OSHA and DOT compliance for inspection, preparation, loading, and securing of rail tank car shipments including those classified as hazardous materials.

$129 per learner

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Hazardous Material Tank Car Loading/Unloading With Pressure

This course is designed to ensure OSHA and DOT compliance for the inspection, preparation, securing and unloading using pressure of rail tank car shipments including cars classified as hazardous.$149

 $149 per learner


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Roadway Worker

This course is mandatory for the contractor who needs to work within 25 feet of a carrier’s track. Whether the track is owned by a Short Line or a Class I, the carrier will demand that the employees of the contractor group be Roadway Worker trained. The course teaches proper Personal Protective Equipment needed for a large variety of scenarios such as grinding, welding, track repair machines, etc. along with employee protection procedures such as working under the direction of an Employee in Charge (EIC) or Flagman assigned by the carrier to protect the group

$99 per learner

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Contractor and Visitor Rail Safety

This course is designed for the person or crew assigned to work on tracks within a private facility. It teaches the learner the necessary procedures involved to keep the person or group safe from moving equipment through blue flag or employee flag protection.

$95 per learner

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On-site Training



Our on-site training is comprehensive and economical. This training offers the benefit of instructor/student interaction and the opportunity to discuss site-specific scenarios. To ensure learners remain focused, quizzes will be administered, evaluated, and discussed.


We travel to you and will work around your schedule, nights and weekends are not a problem! Eight hours of classroom time should be allocated.

On-Site Follow-Up

  • When purchased together with multiple on-line courses, on-site follow up will be $2450 per day plus travel expenses.
  • Field training limited to 6 learners.
  • Additional trainers: $1800 each, per day, plus travel expenses.

Operating Course delivered on-site

  • $365 per person, plus travel expenses.
  • Minimum $2950 per day plus travel expenses.
  • Additional, consecutive day $2950.
  • Additional trainer: $1800 per day plus travel expenses.
  • Classroom size over 20 will require one additional trainer.

  • Track Inspection with written report: $2950 per day plus travel expenses.
  • Logistics Consultations: Please Inquire.


Our instructors will observe operations in a non-intrusive manner, evaluate performance, coach, and debrief as needed. At that time, they will also perform a safety audit of the rail facility.  Upon completion of an audit the customer will receive a written report of Rail Safe’s findings and recommendations. The cost of an audit is $2,950, plus travel expenses if purchased with the online or on-site training.


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