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SOFA-defined Severe Injury Update for June 2019

Railroad Safety and Track Repair Products Since 1904

 Everything an industrial firm which ships or receives material by rail needs to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations

Wheel Chocks

RR Blue Flags and Lights

RR Sign Holders


Car Stops

Rail Skids


Switch Stand Safety

Track Repair Tools

and many more items…

 ALDON COMPANY INC. |  Waukegan, IL  60087  |  847.623.8800  |

Connect Work

CONNECT WORK   |  4433 N. Ravenswood St #200 Chicago, IL 60640   |  773-396-1114   |

ConnectWork is the only Recruiting and Business Development provider with the experience and resources you need specific to the Rail Industry.  They can help source talent, train new or current workers, create partnerships with state or federal agencies to promote business growth, and more.

CRMS-3 Logo

CRMS  |  4433 N. Ravenswood St #200 Chicago, IL 60640   |  773-575-7796|

CRMS provides a network of strategically located railcar service & product handling locations across North America. This network offers customers an economic marketing advantage that improves their bottom line in the transportation and handling of their products.

Applied Handbrake Guide

Federal Railroad Administration

Switching Operations Fatalities Analysis (SOFA)

Operation Lifesaver

National Transportation Safety Board

OSHA Civil and Criminal Penalties on the Rise

Railroad Operations: Where Safety and Innovation Converge

Rail Safe's Online Training Program Overview

"Why Risk Your Life?" -- 1940s Railroad Safety Film

“Use Your Head! Save Your Life and Limbs!”-- 1950’s Railroad Safety Video

Santa Fe Railroad Employee Safety Training

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