Why should we mark clearance points in our rail yard? We know where to leave the cars so they won’t foul.

Thanks for the question Hank!

Wesley Hazlett took the lead on your question, he answered, “Sure you do, but how about new employees? Or class one carrier employees? And maybe your company wants cars left back a specific distance. It’s a quick reference, nothing is left to guesswork, nobody gets hurt and cars don’t get damaged. What a low cost easy safety step!!”

-Wes worked as a switchman, conductor, and locomotive engineer. He completed certification of Quality Concepts Q90, became a Safety and Rules Trainer in a terminal of 150 employees, worked with Operation Lifesaver as a facilitator, and chaired the focus group to make recommendations for improved operations at a facility.  He retired from the BNSF in 2009 with over 41 years in the industry.