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Our interactive online courses teach the safest and best options for every rail yard scenario. Courses can be taken in any increment, anytime, anywhere. An administrator can monitor staff course progress, review the material, and a certificate of completion can be printed. Periodic quizzes within the courses keep learners focused.

This course is for individuals and companies that handle rail equipment. It contains all the information and instruction needed to work in a rail environment and perform duties without injury or damage to equipment and structures. It is packed with pictures and videos to help explain procedures leaving nothing to the imagination. The learner must pass quizzes with 100% accuracy before they can proceed further into the course.

We also offer on-site safety audits to maintain a safe work environment. Remember, TRAINING PREVENTS DISASTERS, so refresh your knowledge by taking the course every year!

• 14 Core Lessons

  1. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Job Briefings Attaching Detaching
  3. Working on or Near Tracks
  4. Working on or Around On-track Equipment
  5. Initiating and Controlling on Track Movement
  6. Switch Operations
  7. Mounting, Dismounting and Crossing Over Equipment
  8. Riding On-track Equipment
  9. Securing Unattended Equipment
  10. Use of a Brake Stick
  11. Coupling and Uncoupling
  12. Aligning Couplers
  13. Brake Pipe Continuity / Air Brake System
  14. Air Brake Component Identification and Function

• Approximately five hours of material
• Short quizzes throughout the course to assess and ensure understanding
• Administrator access available to monitor student progress

Este curso contiene toda la información e instrucción necesaria para trabajar en un entorno ferroviario y realizar tareas sin lesiones o daños a los equipos y estructuras. Tiene 14 lecciones, aproximadamente 5 horas de material y está lleno de videos y cuestionarios para mantener al alumno comprometido.

•El plan de estudios es el siguiente

  1. Equipo de protección personal (PPE por sus siglas en Inglés)
  2. Reuniones informativas sobre el trabajo de montaje y desmontaje
  3. Trabajar en las vías o cerca de ellas
  4. Trabajar en equipos de vías o alrededor de ellas
  5. Iniciar y controlar el movimiento en la vía
  6. Operaciones del interruptor de ferrocarril
  7. Montaje, desmontaje y cruce de equipos
  8. Equipo de conducción en la vía
  9. Asegurar el equipo desatendido
  10. Uso de una palanca de freno
  11. Acoplamiento y desacoplamiento
  12. Acopladores de alineación
  13. Continuidad de los tubos de freno/Sistema de frenos de aire
  14. Identificación y funcionamiento de los componentes de los frenos de aire

• Aproximadamente cinco horas de material
• Cuestionarios breves a lo largo del curso para evaluar y asegurar la comprensión
• Acceso del administrador disponible para supervisar el progreso de los estudiantes

This course teaches how to start, operate and properly shutdown a locomotive. We detail how to properly control in-train forces (buff and draft), how to prevent a jackknife or string line derailment, the proper use of the air brake system, reading gauges, and the use of the throttle. Need to know how to start and stop on ascending and descending grades? It is all here! If your company uses a Trackmobile, Shuttle Wagon, or Rail King, the same principles and procedures apply.

This course was developed for the person who does not necessarily work with rail equipment but occasionally has to place themselves near tracks or equipment. If you have to cross tracks to get from one place in the plant to another, a maintenance worker, a truck driver, or an office worker who may need to walk close to tracks or equipment occasionally, this course will help keep you safe.

Este curso fue desarrollado para la persona que no necesariamente trabaja con equipos ferroviarios pero que ocasionalmente tiene que ubicarse cerca de vías o equipos. Si tiene que cruzar las vías para ir de un lugar a otro de la planta, porque es un trabajador de mantenimiento, un conductor de camión o un oficinista que puede tener que caminar cerca de las vías o de los equipos ocasionalmente, este curso le ayudará a mantenerse seguro.

This course is designed to ensure OSHA and DOT compliance for inspection, preparation, loading, and securing of rail tank car shipments including those classified as hazardous materials.

This course is designed to ensure OSHA and DOT compliance for the inspection, preparation, securing and unloading with air pressure assist, rail tank car products including hazardous materials.

This course is mandatory for the contractor who needs to work within 25 feet of a carrier’s track. Whether the track is owned by a Short Line or a Class I, the carrier will demand that the employees of the contractor group be Roadway Worker trained. The course teaches proper Personal Protective Equipment needed for a large variety of scenarios such as grinding, welding, track repair machines, etc. along with employee protection procedures such as working under the direction of an Employee in Charge (EIC) or Flagman assigned by the carrier to protect the group.

This course is designed for the person or crew assigned to work on tracks within a private facility. It teaches the learner the necessary procedures involved to keep the person or group safe from moving equipment through blue flag or employee flag protection.

Este curso está diseñado para la persona o el equipo asignado para trabajar en vías dentro de una instalación privada. Enseña al alumno los procedimientos necesarios para mantener a la persona o al grupo a salvo de los equipos en movimiento mediante la protección con la bandera azul o con la bandera de los empleados.

The Protecting Spotted Equipment course teaches industry employees the proper PPE to wear when around tracks and equipment, the necessity of a  job briefing, how to move safely when working around tracks and the equipment spotted for loading or unloading, how to comply with Blue Flag rules of OSHA and FRA, how to safely mount and cross over the spotted equipment to apply hand brakes and how to properly inspect and handle switches for lockout purposes.

  • 7 Core Lessons
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Job Briefings
    • Working On or Near Tracks
    • Working On or Around On-Track Equipment
    • Mounting, Dismounting, Crossing over Equipment
    • Securing Unattended Equipment
    • Switch Operation
  • Approximately 2 hours of material
  • Short quizzes throughout the course to assess and ensure understanding

Enseña a los empleados de la industria a utilizar el equipo de protección personal (EPP) adecuado cuando estén cerca de las vías o equipo, la necesidad de una sesión informativa de trabajo, cómo moverse de forma segura cuando se trabaje cerca de las vías o equipo en espera para carga o descarga, cómo cumplir con las reglas de Bandera Azul de OSHA y FRA, cómo montar y cruzar de forma segura sobre equipo vacío para aplicar frenos de mano y cómo inspeccionar y manejar correctamente los interruptores para fines de bloqueo de movimiento o energía.

  • El plan de estudios es el siguiente
    • Equipo de protección personal (PPE por sus siglas en Inglés)
    • Reuniones informativas sobre el trabajo de montaje y desmontaje
    • Trabajar en las vías o cerca de ellas
    • Trabajar en equipos de vías o alrededor de ellas
    • Montaje, desmontaje y cruce de equipos
    • Asegurar el equipo desatendido
    • Operaciones del interruptor de ferrocarril

  • Aproximadamente dos horas de material
  • Cuestionarios breves a lo largo del curso para evaluar y asegurar la comprensión

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Onsite Training

Our onsite training is comprehensive and economical. This training offers the benefit of instructor/student interaction and the opportunity to discuss site-specific scenarios. To ensure learners remain focused, quizzes will be administered, evaluated, and discussed.

Only $365* per person plus travel expenses
(Minimum $2950)


Our instructors will observe operations in a non-intrusive manner, evaluate performance, coach, and debrief as needed. At that time, they will also perform a safety audit of the rail facility. Upon completion of an audit the customer will receive a written report of Rail Safe’s findings and recommendations. 

Only $2,450** plus travel expenses

* Onsite training it based on a minimum of $2,950 plus travel expenses and typically performed in a classroom style setting.
** When purchased with online or onsite training.

“I was so impressed with the Rail Safe’s online training that I have decided to make the course mandatory before a new hire can perform any work in our railyards. It is a very well written course and I can assure you will not be disappointed. I have taken many online courses in a variety of subjects and Rail Safe is by far superior in their teaching technique & content. Do your employees and your company a favor by taking the course written by the experts today – safety is Rail Safe’s priority…..and they definitely get the message across.“

Laurie Rat Vice President
Seven River Intermodal Terminals, LLC

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