SOFA Severe Injury Report March 2017

March 2017, is the most recent month available for SIs as defined1 by SOFA in its report, Severe Injuries to Train and Engine Service Employees: Data Description and Injury Characteristics (July 2001).

There have been 25 SIs in 2017, the highest count for these three months going back to 30 SIs in 2008.

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1 ‘Severe Injuries’ were defined by the SOFA Working Group as FRA-reportable injuries to train and engine service employees that have a clear and verifiable diagnosis and met one or more of the following four criteria: (1) potentially life threatening; (2) high likelihood of permanent loss of function, permanent occupational limitation, or other permanent disability; (3) likely to result in significant work restrictions; or (4) result from a high energy impact to the human body.