Rail Safe Customer Testimonials

Trust the rail experts who helped to “write the books” for Class 1 Railroad safety training. Rail Safe’s thorough coverage provides straightforward high-quality safety, compliance and technical training, targeted services and products to companies handling railroad operations.

Read what some of our satisfied customers are writing:

“Lanny, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You came and did two classes for us and I really appreciate you helping to educate our team on the truly safest way to do their jobs. We enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you better. You did a great job! I feel like you taught our team a lot and the right way to do things. I have no doubt that next weeks class will be good too.”


“Class was 100% informative and I learned a ton.”

Andrew Johnson

“We thought we had all the safety aspects covered for our rail operations with our in-house training material. After some hard lessons, we turned to Rail Safe to help us understand what was missing. The comprehensive system of CBT’s, classroom presentations, field training, and evaluations provided us with a solid program we are now using at all our B&I facilities across the nation. Many thanks to Chuck, Ken, and their team for helping us get to a much safer state of rail operation.”

Todd Aalto, Training and Procedure Leader
Koch/ Flint Hills Resources/ Biofuels and Ingredients

“Rail yards are complex, challenging and provide an ever-changing environment which is why it is so important to be aware of the hazards and understand safe procedures. Our employees recently attended Rail Safe’s training which focused on 18 aspects of rail yard safety to enhance awareness, review safe procedures and provide an opportunity to discuss safety with a veteran rail yardman, Wes Hazlett. The experiences shared provided insight, situational awareness and key lessons learned. Our employees appreciated the information and focus provided in this training session.”

Brandy Fischer, Safety Director
Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative

“I was so impressed with the Rail Safe’s online training that I have decided to make the course mandatory before a new hire can perform any work in our railyards. It is a very well written course and I can assure you will not be disappointed. I have taken many online courses in a variety of subjects and Rail Safe is by far superior in their teaching technique & content. Do your employees and your company a favor by taking the course written by the experts today – safety is Rail Safe’s priority…..and they definitely get the message across.“

Laurie Rath, Vice President
Seven River Intermodal Terminals, LLC

“Mr. Hay and his group of experts were instrumental in improving our overall Industrial Rail Operations at Little Rock, Arkansas. I highly recommend him and his colleagues.”

Jay Lukkarila, Mining Engineer
3M Industrial Minerals Products Division

“Thanks for the Rail Safe Program. It is exactly what I was looking for. All of our employees, whether seasoned veterans or new hires, have found it very helpful and informative. We use it now as mandatory training for all employees involved with any aspect of railcar movement or working around tracks where movement is taking place. Thanks again.”

Don Jolley, General Manager
C&C Transload, LLC

“The rail training you provided to us this last summer was exactly what we needed. Thank you for providing us with the training to do our jobs confidently and safely, and to FRA requirements.”

Steve Dunh, Environment, Health, Safety and Security Manager
Superior Ethanol, LLC

“The staff at Rail Safe combined their years of railroad experience to greatly enhance our safety training programs.”

Brad Bousquet, Vice President Safety and Compliance
Central Valley AG Products

“Rail Safe can be very beneficial in everyday life, but more so for someone in the railroad industry. The 16-part course provides excellent and simple instruction on how to properly and SAFELY perform many duties involved with a career on the rails. Overall, it was definitely worth my time and well worth the price!”

D. Evenson

These quotes are from just a few of our satisfied clients. If you have specific questions about what you can expect, we can put you in touch with one of our valued clients such as: ADM, 3M, GPRE, Rahr Malting, Wise Metal Recycling, Flint Hills Renewables, C and C Transload, Seven Rivers Intermodal, CJ BioAmerica, Host Terminal, Valero, CF Industries, Gelita, Certain- Teed, Andersen Windows, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar COOP, and West Central Ag.