Trackmobile LLC and Rail Safe Announce a Partnership for Safety

Committed to Eliminating Avoidable Switching Yard Accidents

LaGrange, GA: A new partnership highlights the New Year at Trackmobile. As a global manufacturer and industry leader responsible for “The Design, Manufacture, and Service of Machines for Moving Railcars and Locomotives”, this partnership demonstrates Trackmobile’s unparalleled commitment to safe rail operations through industry partnerships and elevates Trackmobile to the next level in their commitment.

Trackmobile and Rail Safe Training, Inc. have confirmed a new partnership that will deliver greater safety around rails and throughout railyards to Trackmobile customers.  “Safety is a top priority for virtually every Trackmobile customer. For this reason, Trackmobile has always been dedicated to providing the safest railcar movers in the industry” stated Ralph Przybyszewski, President of Trackmobile. Taking safety to the next level, on 1 Jan 2017, every new Trackmobile railcar mover sold will come with complimentary rail safety training from Rail Safe Training, Inc., in addition to the Trackmobile operator training provided by their Trackmobile dealer.

Trackmobile chose Rail Safe as a partner due to their team of world-class experts in the area of railroad operations and safety.  With average experience per employee of 35 years, Rail Safe’s team is among the industry’s foremost experts, having trained both private and Class 1 operators to safely work in rail yards and identify potential rail yard hazards, thereby avoiding unnecessary accidents.

“We are excited about this partnership as it further supports our commitment to our ISO 9001 requirements that are designed to help us continually improve, and deliver better products for our customers”, Przybyszewski continued. This partnership is a very important aspect in delivering even higher standards in safety. Without these types of alliances and innovations, continual improvement becomes challenging and can lack the broader scope afforded by partnerships. “Companies not pursuing innovation are soon overtaken by the competition,” he added.

About Trackmobile® LLC: Trackmobile, a Georgia based Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the founding innovator and leading manufacturer of the bi-modal railcar mover with over 11,000 sold globally. Creating the railcar switching and movement category in 1948 as a solution to specific customer needs in railcar switching, Trackmobile remains focused on what customers need. Their singular purpose is to provide the most efficient, cost effective, railcar switching and movement equipment that is safe and effortless to operate. While highly customizable for unique customer applications, Trackmobile railcar movers provide the best value and the lowest operational lifetime cost in the industry.

About Rail Safe: Rail Safe, an Iowa corporation, is committed to reducing railroad related incidents by identifying and eliminating at-risk behavior through comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective railroad operations and safety training.  The team at Rail Safe is comprised of world class experts in the area of railroad operations and safety.  Each trainer has more than 35 years’ rail road experience and is familiar with FRA and OSHA rules and regulations pertaining to rail operations. In addition to providing hands-on and classroom instruction, Rail Safe provides track inspections, audits, and an online curriculum.