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Russell is a second-generation railroader, who began his career with the Southern Pacific, in 1977. He started as a switchman then became a yardmaster while in El Paso, TX. In 1992 he was promoted to Corridor Manager and on to Superintendent of Transportation Services in Denver, CO.  After the merger with the Union Pacific, Russell worked in Omaha, NE as Director of Train Management and finished his 42 year career in Portland Oregon.  While working for the Union Pacific Russell attained an MBA, and worked part time as an adjunct professor, at Bellevue University.

While working at the Union Pacific, Russell also led a successful safety program, for a 5-state region, at the Harriman Dispatching Center. 

Rail Safe Training

The Railroad Safety Experts

Rail Safe Training’s responsiveness, experience, and results-oriented approach will get the job done.


Our world class experts in railroad operations and safety each put their 35 years’ + railroading experience, including years of hands-on and classroom instruction to use ensuring your safe rail operations.


Clients such as ADM, 3M, Flint Hills Renewables, CF Industries, Valero, and others all recommend and depend on our safety training systems.


Rail Safe offers the most comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective railroad operations and safety training.  We are ready to help you meet FRA Safety recommendations in your operations.


93% repeat customers for safety training; expert FRA and regulation training: NARS certified trainers for private industries with BNSF locomotives.

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Onsite Training

This training offers the benefit of instructor/student interaction and the opportunity to discuss site-specific scenarios.

We travel to you and will work around your schedule.

Online Training

The courses can be taken in any increment, anytime, anywhere.

Our courses teach the safest and best options for every rail yard scenario. 


Industrial Operations Training - English

Industrial Operations Training - Spanish

Locomotive/Motive Power Operations

Safety Awareness (Non-Operating)

Hazardous Material Tank Car
Loading & Unloading

Hazardous Material Tank Car
Loading & Unloading with Pressure

Roadway Worker Training

Contractor Rail Safety

Track Inspection

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Our team of professionals are experienced in the area of railroad operations and safety, including a former Chief Inspector for the FRA and a post-Accident Safety Inspector on staff. We can help you understand what the OSHA process is before and after an incident occurs as well as teaching you how to prevent incidents from occurring.

How would you answer these questions in the event of a rail incident in your operations?

• What is the OSHA process after the incident occurs?
• Who trained you and what are their credentials?
• How were they trained?
• What is your recurrent training process?

Effective safety training
goes beyond a single class